Defined as having good luck or discovering something unexpectedly good by chance, this word is a fun starting place for my blog today.

I don’t believe in luck.  But I like the sound of the word serendipity…don’t you?  What I do believe is that we are never left by Jesus to walk this road alone.  And experience convinces me that, while I may not know what my life needs, He guides my path to find it. That’s what I think about when I see the word serendipity; and, it just sounds like a happy word!

In the Old Testament, Joshua 1:9, we are encouraged to be strong, courageous, and not terrified because the Lord is with us wherever we go.  This is not a matter for debate.  Rather,  the revelation comes through personal experience.  When we seek we will find him… if we seek with our heart.

So often we lose confidence in God, feeling lost because of the weaknesses we see in others.  We all fall short. We all are having a human experience and learning as we go.  We can come to God with our anxieties and cast our cares upon him. It’s a choice for each of us – our greatest gift and responsibility.

Following someone’s leadership when they are making good choices is often a great comfort, until their own feet of clay melt into the burning coals of testing and trial.  However, when we put our hope in Jesus, rather than mankind, we become empowered to love people no matter what choices they make.  With humility comes compassion, and with compassion mercy, and with mercy forgiveness.   And that is how healing enters the picture…for us, for the ones we see stumble,  and for the world.

Serendipity makes me want to skip and smell flowers!  It’s a hopeful word.  My hope in Christ does not disappoint me.  I’ll take that over luck any day!

Be Blessed 😉