Maybe I should have named my blog The Daily Prophet…no doubt it’s probably taken.  And I may not write every day.  I don’t really want to label myself that anyway.  My experience is that people call me a pain in the ….you know…. because the insights I have are  typically a catalyst. Even I’m not crazy about those who offer a perspective broadening experience all the time.  Yet I am consistently thankful for them.

Please read what I write to weigh and consider….please not to judge and refute.  I will not argue.  Just listen, consider and move ahead.  I will give you the same respect if you choose to comment.  I hope you do comment since it is a real drag to write a blog and feel invisible.  But this is not about “me”.  This is about traveling my path in the world…which seems to involve my opinion.

Thanks for reading.  My name is actually (rather than the pseudonym Sally Cousins) Diane Spencer and I’m really happy to be me and meet you!


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