And so it goes

Twice…not once, but twice, I had something brilliant to blog today……….hehehe
And both times the computer cut off. Hmmm.

I’ve really begun to enjoy this blogging venture. My world is expanding and I am becoming more than the sum of my parts. It might not really show yet…but I am.

My life has been small but valuable, to this point. I’ve been a homemaker by choice and blessed to be able to make that choice. I’ve had five wonderful children and one amazing step-daughter. (I still have them) Three children are adults and three are teens. The nest is beginning to empty.

Everything I am has been cultivated by experience and reading, observation and listening to life around me. I read about people who do things that I could see myself doing. Whether the resources exist for me to venture out that far in my remaining years, who knows. But there is much to dream and do… to love and to laugh and live each day with joy.

Right now I’m in great physical pain from dental work which is on the calendar and some wretched foot pain that has been the catalyst for my first purchase of expensive tennis shoes. At least they are hip new Sketchers Shape Ups! So I laugh in the face of pain and growing old! Ah ha ha ha ha!
And go to bed now with the aid of modern chemistry. Oh blessed slumber…to sleep, per chance to dream something I will actually remember!

Blessings to you who read this and those who don’t. And so it goes……..