Self Portrait

Whether I like it or not my life is changing.  Things I thought were sure are in question.  And as the pieces come together I see a different image than I’d anticipated.  Perhaps anticipating was my unfortunate choice.



  1. Uncle Jim said,

    April 3, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Did you also know that Dad (your “Poppy”) repeated 8th grade several times (in Wellesly, Mass.)? He was 21 when he graduated from High School! I am sure that today he would be seen as mildly dyslexic (I know I am!) and given alternate ways to take exams, etc. I am also certain that most young men would have just quit school, rather than endure the tauntings of the other students. But, he found a way to overcome that: he became involved in the school’s dramatic productions, and in the long run he was regarded with affection by his fellow students, no doubt in large part because of his winning ways. Not surprisingly, Dad came out of that feeling as though he was not as smart as other people. To try and overcome this he started on a process that continued throughout his life: he would read a page of the dictionary every day! This led to his having a wonderful vocabulary and being able to beat all at Scrabble and do crossword puzzels with ease. And, of course, he was not dumb at all, he was one of the smartest persons I have ever know! He was also the most talented with his hands…without any training at all he would learn to do or fix anything! Thanks for sharing your memories of him.

    • April 3, 2010 at 3:34 pm

      Thanks Uncle Jim for your piece of the story. I was not aware (that I can recall) of these things. It sounds like he and I traveled a similar path of being self-taught in our adult lives. No wonder I feel such an inherent connection. It’s a blessing to me that you took time to share this. Happy Easter!

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